Kids@ Resources

Kids@ Resources


At Churchill Park Family Care Society, we want to become a partner in your child’s journey. Physically, Emotionally and Creatively. This section of our website is here for you as parents as you have your children with you at home in these COVID Home Care Days.

Program planning for our Calgary child care centres is based on the most current research surrounding Early Childhood and Brain Development. We offer rich educational programs and emergent curriculum that build on the imagination and potential of each child. We look forward to bring more resources to you that will assist you and bring joy and excitment to your daily routines.

Physical Resources


LIVE Superhero Workouts

Join Rhino Nutrition and Fitness as they present LIVE Superhero Workouts for your kids! Get their costumes on and join the LIVE Zoom link. Have fun and stay healthy!

PopSugar Family Work Out

Join PopSugar today!  Get your heart rate up in your living room with this fun workout from Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer. Featuring cardio moves that feel like games and challenges where the winner gets prizes — like choosing what’s for dinner — this workout is the perfect way for the family to get active together.

Creative Resources


Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish Craft

Craft together a sting-free variety out of paper bowls, yarn, and glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint or any paint that you may have in the house. Bringing the ocean to you!

Cereal Box Marble Run

If you’ve got a youngster who loves watching marbles zoom by on slides, be sure not to miss out on this quick and easy DIY idea for making a cereal box marble runners.

Emotional Resources


15 Coping Skills for Kids Resource Link HERE

In times of stress and anxiety and unkowns we are here to help and guide our little ones. Kids need to learn skills to manage their emotions in a healthy way. It’s important to teach them coping skills that can help them face their fears, calm themselves down, and cheer themselves up. Amazing resource Here

13 Ways to Raise a Caring and Compassionate Child

Like many things, kindness is a quality that children learn over time and through practice. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to encourage your child to be a kinder, gentler person. When it comes to kindness, you are your child’s primary teacher. Here’s how to develop empathy in your child as a character trait and value.