Family Day Homes

Family Day Homes

Churchill Park Family Care Society operates an accredited Family Day Home program offering quality child care for infants to twelve-year-olds in approved and monitored family day homes. We have family day homes throughout the city of Calgary, Airdrie and De Winton. Churchill Park pre-screens, approves and monitors all family day home providers.


Jennie Walshe, Program Manager

Maritza Pino, Administrative Manager


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Churchill Park currently operates up to 60 Calgary family day homes with capacity to care for 210 children. We provide safe, high quality child care, and a timely, helpful response to parents and providers.

Churchill Park is a member of the Alberta Family Child Care Association, which is committed to excellence in Calgary child care, and is actively participating in the Alberta Child Care Accreditation program.

Main Office:
3311 Centre Street NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-266-4656
Fax: 403-264-4657

If you would like to find child care in a loving family day home near you, please complete the Parent Application Form and mail, fax or e-mail it to the address above. Thank you for your interest.

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Meet Maritza Pino

I began my employment for Churchill Park at the Child Development Center in August of 2001. At that time Susan was the Acting Manager and Jean was the Administration Manager.  Our team was made up of;

  • Shirley and Lizzy  who worked in the Baby room
  • Shophie, Beth and I were in the Three year old room
  • Donna and Anindita worked in the Toddlers room
  • In the Kindergarten room there was Sandra  the kindergarten school Teacher and Marta her assistant
  • Noreen was the Kitchen Cook—Noreen fell ill and no longer was able to work. For a few months we had cooks come and go until Leigh was hired.
  • Alison and Steven were volunteers who came to work at our centre until the daycare closed.  When the daycare closed Alison (who continues to volunteer), CDC staff and some of the children were relocated to Hill Hurst.

Working at CDC was one of the best experiences. CDC was truly a great family oriented place to work. I felt very close to staff and parents. It was such a pleasant and welcoming environment, I recall that every the morning it took me at least fifteen minutes to get to my room as I was greeted along the hall way by staff, parents and children.

One of the things I remember the most at CDC was the large diversity of cultures. I am grateful to have experienced the day to day encounters with children and families from different countries. The   wealth of knowledge I gained from that experience is indescribable. While I was working at CDC a new opportunity came Churchill Park was opening a new Center for before and after school care and I had the chance to apply for a primary caregiver position.

The new center was called the Dalhousie School Age & Family Center it opened its doors on March 2003 with the capacity to care for 26 children ages 41/2 years through 12 years old. Leigh Ann was hired to work with me she had a level 3 and she was about 3 month pregnant with her first child. The acting manager for the new center was Jeremy he also was the manager for 2 other school age programs at that time we only had 4 children registered at the center.

Our center was very small. It took us quite a while to get the center full however we developed strong ties with the school, we attended all of their open houses and provided information of our center to new parents starting the school systems.

One of the things I enjoyed the most working in school age was how independent the children were, it was very refreshing to get the children involved in planning and through observing I could take the lead to plan different ideas. One of those ideas was acting so I went to the school and I borrowed 3 different plays I photocopied the materials then I worked in making prop boxes. I had the children assist with painting the stage props. It

took a few days to get everything done but once we were finished we realized how much fun the children had. It was a great game; it kept them occupied for a long period of time while using imagination and creativity.

Another great memory I have took place in winter it was very cold out and it had been snowing for the longest time until finally the weather improved. I decided that I wanted to do something special for the children so I planned to spend the day outside and use crazy carpets, the children brought all their gear in. We spend the whole day outside sliding down the hills by the time we were ready to go inside the children and me were ready to drop. We made hot chocolate and rested for the rest of the afternoon, it was a memory that I would never forget. Working for the school age program was the best.

I felt like a child again having lots of fun and also using my imagination in making wonderful experiences for the children that I cared for.

While working for the School Age an opportunity opened up at our company with the Family Day Home as a Day Home Consultant it was only part-but I decided to apply for that position.

I was the successful applicant and I started work June of 2004 for about 3 hours a day. Pat was the Acting Manager for Family Day Homes at that time it was only Pat working for FDH we only had about 23 day homes. We were working out of the main office our team consisted of: Christine the receptionist, Jean accounts and receivables department, Dionne director of administration, Sue director of programs, and Noreen executive director.

At that time I remember I started learning what my job entailed and slowly I started to do visits and get comfortable with my new position.

July came and I was going to work full time for the summer so I could cover some people while they took summer holidays. Christine trained me for two days in what her duties were: I remember being nervous and writing in my little book step by step on how turn the phone systems on, receiving payments, getting messages, registering parent and a million other things. I also had to deal with visits and handle and FDH complaints that came my way

It was extremely busy that summer and it was only Jean and I working in the office that summer. It was one of the most intense times that I recall having. I learned so much of what Family Day Homes are about and the role of a consultant.

After summer ended I focused in doing visits to provider’s homes. A funny thing happened to me while I had gone to visit a provider in the south area. When I arrived at the provider’s home and began knocking and knocking no one answered then suddenly the doors opened and there standing before me was a man in his underwear. I was shocked but I tried not to show my reaction and tried keep looking up so I didn’t have to see his underwear thanks goodness he wasn’t wearing briefs. I was very happy when he closed the door and I left.

Later an administration position came available at FDH it still was part time and I again was interested in applying to work in the accounts receivables department. I was lucky and I started to share the admin position between the 3 school age programs and FDH it was quite an interesting time to again learn so much about the other side of this business.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to apply for the position as manager of administration for Family Day Homes and the School Age programs I was successful and I got the position.

I was quite a challenge to look after all of the programs administration side but I had a lot of support from the executive team and my coworkers.

At that time Dina was acting as the Program Manager and there were 2 other consultants Anna and Jennie. We worked very close as a team. During that year I started to work full time at FDH later in that year Dina got pregnant and we proposed to management not to hire and to run the program lead by our team: our idea was accepted and we started to manage our program as a team. This is how I began working at Churchill Park, these experiences have challenged me tremendously, I have grown personally and professionally working for Churchill Park.

Screening and Monitoring

All day home operators providing child care through Churchill Park Family Care Society have been carefully screened before being approved. This includes a police clearance check, child welfare intervention background checks, medical clearance, personal reference checks, questionnaires and a full home safety check.

All day home providers are required to complete an approved Child Care First Aid course, obtain a minimum Child Development Assistant Certificate (formally level one) in Early Childhood Education and outline an emergency plan and evacuation map.

Once a provider’s day home has been approved by Churchill Park, it becomes part of a thorough and ongoing monitoring program intended to ensure and improve upon the quality of care provided. Churchill Park Day Home Consultants or Managers visit all day home operators at least once a month to complete monitoring and reports, and to share resources, ideas and information with the child care provider. Additional support visits are provided when a need is identified or if a parent has a concern.

Operate A Day Home

Would you value the opportunity to care for your own children and earn an income at the same time? Do you love children and enjoy the challenge of helping them achieve their potential in a loving, stimulating home environment? If so, please consider joining the Churchill Park team and providing quality child care in your home as an approved day home operator.

We encourage providers to maintain a day home environment where children are safe, and where happiness, love, intellectual development, resiliency, and age-appropriate responsibility is the foundation upon which all child care activities and practices are based.

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As an approved Churchill Park Day Home Provider, you will have access to a broad range of support and resources to help you succeed in your day home business including:

  • assistance in the application process and help setting up your day home
  • advertisements for your day home on Churchill Park’s web site and client referrals
  • the freedom to set your own fees
  • Churchill Park will collect parent fees
  • help accessing additional funding to cover the cost of equipment and materials
  • access to additional resources including training, invitations to educational workshops and events for parents
  • liability insurance for each child in your care

If you are interested in becoming an approved day home operator with an approved and established, charitable child care agency, please contact our Family Day Homes Office and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your interest.


Churchill Park Family Child Care
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