Family Day Homes

Family Day Homes

Kids@ Churchill Park operates an accredited Family Day Home program offering quality child care for infants to twelve-year-olds in approved and monitored family day homes. We have family day homes throughout the city of Calgary, Airdrie and De Winton. Churchill Park pre-screens, approves and monitors all family day home providers.


Jennie Walshe, Program Manager

Maritza Pino, Administrative Manager


Find a Loving Churchill Day Home

Kids@ Churchill Park currently operates up to 60 Calgary family day homes with capacity to care for 210 children. We provide safe, high quality child care, and a timely, helpful response to parents and providers.

Kids@ Churchill Park is a member of the Alberta Family Child Care Association, which is committed to excellence in Calgary child care, and is actively participating in the Alberta Child Care Accreditation program.

Main Office: 3311 Centre Street N, Calgary AB, T2E 2X7

Phone: 403-266-4656

Fax: 403-264-4657


If you would like to find child care in a loving family day home near you, please complete the Parent Application Form and mail, fax or e-mail it to the address above. Thank you for your interest.


Download our Parent Request for a Day Home Document to being the process!

Screening and Monitoring

All day home operators providing child care through Kids@ Churchill Park have been carefully screened before being approved. This includes a police clearance check, child welfare intervention background checks, medical clearance, personal reference checks, questionnaires and a full home safety check.

All day home providers are required to complete an approved Child Care First Aid course, obtain a minimum Child Development Assistant Certificate (formally level one) in Early Childhood Education and outline an emergency plan and evacuation map.

Once a provider’s day home has been approved by Churchill Park, it becomes part of a thorough and ongoing monitoring program intended to ensure and improve upon the quality of care provided. Churchill Park Day Home Consultants or Managers visit all day home operators at least once a month to complete monitoring and reports, and to share resources, ideas and information with the child care provider. Additional support visits are provided when a need is identified or if a parent has a concern.

Operate A Day Home

Would you value the opportunity to care for your own children and earn an income at the same time? Do you love children and enjoy the challenge of helping them achieve their potential in a loving, stimulating home environment? If so, please consider joining the Churchill Park team and providing quality child care in your home as an approved day home operator.

We encourage providers to maintain a day home environment where children are safe, and where happiness, love, intellectual development, resiliency, and age-appropriate responsibility is the foundation upon which all child care activities and practices are based.

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As an approved Churchill Park Day Home Provider, you will have access to a broad range of support and resources to help you succeed in your day home business including:

  • assistance in the application process and help setting up your day home
  • advertisements for your day home on Churchill Park’s web site and client referrals
  • the freedom to set your own fees
  • Churchill Park will collect parent fees
  • help accessing additional funding to cover the cost of equipment and materials
  • access to additional resources including training, invitations to educational workshops and events for parents
  • liability insurance for each child in your care

If you are interested in becoming an approved day home operator with an approved and established, charitable child care agency, please contact our Family Day Homes Office and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your interest.


Kids@ Churchill Park
3311 Centre Street N
Calgary, AB
T2E 2X7
Phone: (403) 266-4656
Fax: (403) 264-5657