We take our commitment to your children very seriously; to nurture, to educate, to care for, to build confidence, to create a warm and safe environment, to encourage exploration and co-learning experiences and to love! We live our vision daily; Igniting children’s potential is our passion!

About The Alberta Curriculum Framework

“All of our centres celebrate diversity!  We have rich programs which are lead by our educators and come under the title, “Language Ambassador” and “Cultural Ambassador” program.  Each month one of our educators in each centres takes the lead and offers our children a variety of experiences in learning a new language and experiencing unique aspects of a different culture.  We love knowing that children’s time with us is being enriched by these wonderful experiences!”

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Visit our blog for health, wellness, development, and educational resources. Churchill Park is your GO TO location for information on parenting and family life. We look forward to bringing you more each month to partner with your goals! 

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Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services

Alberta’s Promise

Alberta Children’s Services

Alberta Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Human Resources Sector Council

Child and Family Canada

Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta

Family Day Home Standards Manual

Family Resource Facilitation Project

Informative Child Care Articles in PDF, available on

Federation of Calgary Communities and

Children First Canada

Children First Canada has a bold and ambitious vision that together we can make Canada the best place in the world for kids to grow up.© We are working to improve children’s wellbeing by building greater awareness amongst Canadians about the urgent needs of kids in our country, and mobilizing government, lawmakers and influencers to change the status quo. find them here

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