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Trent Wilson M. Ed., M. Sc. – SLP (C), R – SLP

Dr. Michelle Hagel ND

Vince Gowmon, CPCC, BBA

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Trent has worked in over 30 public schools serving children from pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 12 in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Coming from a strong linguistics background and excelling in the Speech Pathology Master’s program, he went on to complete a Master’s in Educational Leadership to learn how to implement educational initiatives and change the state of childhood learning in Canada. Trent enjoys connecting with families and getting down to the child’s level. Freeing his “inner-child” helps children to expand on their natural curiosities and desire to learn. Putting client engagement, participation, self-confidence and self-esteem at the fore-front of therapy, clients often forget they are “working” as they get lost in fun and fast-paced activities! Read Trent’s most recent blog below.

Learn more about Dr.Michelle

Dr. Michelle Hagel ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto Ontario. Prior to this she completed a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Neuroscience from Bishop’s University, where her interest in the mind-body connection grew.

“The more I understood about the brain, the more I realized how important its role in health is. The career that allowed me to put this knowledge into practice is Naturopathic Medicine.

Understanding and treating the root cause of illness is key to healing. Optimal health is about feeling your best in all areas of your life, and not just being free of illness. Naturopathic Medicine has changed my life, I am very passionate about sharing this knowledge and promoting health and wellbeing.”

Dr. Hagel utilizes a wide range of treatment options best suited for each individual. She treats a broad spectrum of health concerns including digestive health, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disruption, mental health, and infertility. She is a certified Naturopathic Doula and is licensed and in good standing with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta. Read Michelle’s most recent blog below.

Learn more about Vince

Vince Gowmon, CPCC, BBA loves what he does for a living, and feels blessed to do it. And he loves seeing the faces of his participants and clients light up with joy, clarity and insight as they move forward in their learning, growing and healing.

Vince is the founder of Remembering to Play Events. All his life he has enjoyed playing, and since 1998, he has lived his other passion of supporting others to create their life with joy and purpose. Remembering to Play Events is his opportunity to combine the two, giving people a playground to discover their authentic Self and laugh along the way!

Vince is a Certified Professional Life Coach trained through one of the top accredited coaching programs in the world, The Coaches Training Institute, and their Leadership Program. He has also received advanced training in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching through the Centre for Right Relationship. Vince offers private Individual, Relationship and Group/Team Coaching and consulting on the phone, in person, and via Skype for everyone from entrepreneurs to single moms and executives, on all aspects of wellbeing. Read Vince’s most recent blog below.

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