CEO Updates


Korrie-Mae Wiszniak

Dear Churchill Park Families and Friends

Welcome to our first CEO update! We thank you for taking the time to read about our news and to update your family on all our exciting developments.We recognize your choice of child care is a very important decision and we sincerely appreciate your continued support and trust in our centres and day homes.

As CEO it is my pleasure to welcome you to the new rebranded Kids@ Churchill Park. We are still the same Churchill Park Family Care Society you have come to know and rely on for your families but with a new updated look and improved service. We are a fully licensed and accredited non-profit and charitable organization which has been welcoming families and their children since 1970. We commit to being leaders in providing early childhood education and exceptional care options to families

And as we continue to move forward, we are taking many exciting steps to strengthen our programs and communications! At Kids@ Churchill Park, we value and encourage strong agency-family partnerships and with the goal of exceeding family’s expectations. We hope you will find great benefit in the updates we are moving forward with!

Our New Mission and Vision

In the Fall of 2017 we began our new strategic planning discussions with our front-line educators, managers, executive and board of directors. Through that encompassing process we developed a new mission and vision we would like to share with you.

Our vision statement originated from one of our early planning sessions when our Director of Human Resources, Dionne Maier, a twenty-year member of our Churchill Park team, suggested a sentiment that resonated with all the team at Kids@ Churchill Park. Once we all heard what she said, we knew we had struck gold in a vision that truly encompasses how all of us see our reason for being.

Our Vision: Igniting children’s potential is our passion! We also developed a new mission that takes that vision well into our future.

Our Mission: We are a non-profit community organization where 100% of resources are reinvested in your children to nurture curious minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

This mission statement emphasizes the non-profit advantage in child care as evidenced by research. A June 2009 Canadian research study by economists Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky, as presented in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, found that nonprofit child care centres frequently produce child care which is, on average, of higher quality than care provided in commercial centres particularly in highly competitive markets. Several other studies in Canada, as well as many worldwide, have supported these observations.

We are pleased to be a non-profit agency that focuses its resources on the development and support of our children and families. Our mission indicates our commitment to continuing that goal.

Our New Team Members

We have had several new additions and changes to our Churchill Park Family including myself. I joined the organization in September of 2017 as CEO and have come to see our family here at Kids@ Churchill Park as an important part of my daily life. I have over 20 years of executive leadership experience having worked as an Executive Business Coach, VP and co-founder of a custom home building firm, and the CEO of a Montessori Preschool. I advocate for a family and child centric culture in our operations based on collaborative efforts of family and educators. I have already met many of our outstanding little ones and families and look forward to getting to know more of our community in the coming months

Programming & Operations – With the intent to focus on the fundamentals of our programming and the curriculum framework as well as advocate for your children’s development and love for learning, we have created a new role of Director of Programming and Administration. Our current Director of Operations Christie Scarlett will be transitioning into this new role. In addition to her programming and curriculum focuses, Christie will be assisting the managers of the Before & After School Care programs and the Family Day Home team with their operations. Working with Christie in the programming portfolio in a pilot program role as Programming Specialist is former Play Penn manager Lynsey Anderson.

In conjunction with this reorganization, we recently concluded the hiring process for a Director of Centre Operations who will assist the individual centre managers with the operations of our current child care centres. We are pleased to welcome Colleen Hutton to our Executive team! Colleen’s career has extended over 30 years and she has demonstrated tremendous passion for early childhood learning, is proficient with managing day to day operations, has proven leadership skills and a skillset that we know will further our vision and mission. This will be an inclusive role for all centre activities including maintenance, staffing, operations, safety as well as supporting individual centre managers. Colleen will also work closely in the implementation of quality, scheduled and consistent programming for our centres.

The Director of Programming and Administration and the Director of Centre Operations will dovetail their efforts to provide your children with consistent, quality programming in a safe, effective and loving environment as well provide families with a variety of educational and supportive resources. We look forward to welcoming Colleen to our Churchill Park family in mid-June.

Management Additions – We take great pride in welcoming and introducing wonderfully passionate and highly accountable members to our management team. Michelle Chung – Program Manager, Bright Lights, Mani Joshi – Program Manager, Play Penn, Ange Maisano Program Manager, Discover Y, Kuljinder Kauer – Alternate Manager, Play Penn, Tammy Goertzen – Alternate Manager, Discover Y

*Tammy has transitioned from Program Manager to Alt Manager to allow her to focus on her passion for working with infants again. We applaud Tammy for her commitment to her talents and calling.

New Front Line Educators – As we continue to grow in 2018, our Director of Human Resources has worked tirelessly to boost our on-call staff, increase our team supports and add several early childhood educators to our teams. Please join us in welcoming these additions to our key operations teams.

Neelofar M, Laarni G, Margaret D, Denise M, Neela M, Freda B, Aram K, Ramneet D, Roselyne A, Afzal S, Stephanie S, Cresencia A, Maria G, Veronica W, Emily B, Kayoko H, Vin L, Josephine I, Jenessa C, Helen V, Eyan G, Mary M, Meije H, Hima T, Dru K, Chantal T, Joanna H, Ibukun L, Hailey M, Stephanie P

Our Ambassadors – As part of our focus on programming and curriculum, we will be introducing at each centre rotating team1 members who will take on the additional roles of Language Ambassadors, Cultural Ambassadors and Values Ambassadors. More information and descriptions about these critical advocates for your children’s optimal experiences will be available and introduced later this month. We are welcoming any parent volunteers to participate alongside our ambassadors. So please inquire with your classroom educators, your centre Alt Manager or Program Manager to see how you can get involved.

Our Board – We would also like to introduce you to our outstanding Board of Directors many of whom joined our organization in the Fall of 2017. Logan Popko (Chair), Dionne Hirtle (ViceChair), Matthew Peterson (Treasurer), Susan Nicoll (Secretary), Anny Quon, Brent Douziech, Kirstly Sklar and Will Fong. More information about their individual backgrounds can be found our website.

In other news…

  • We will be introducing regular newsletters to our family communications. Watch for a Kids@Churchill Park agency newsletter this summer to compliment your individual centre monthly newsletters which outlines more specific activities and news for your children.
  • In addition, we’ll be introducing a re-designed website in June which will include interactivity
    options along with parent resources and blogs. Watch for it at
  • Our Facebook presence will be amplified soon, gearing towards our families with resources and information including blogs from panels of experts. Watch for those changes with the launch of the re-designed website.
  • We are excited to announce we were accepted and are in the planning stages for a new Kids@Churchill Park centre serving northeast Calgary. The centre is slated to open in the Fall of 2018 and is one of the government’s Early Learning and Child Care Centres offering $25/day care. More details will be provided in the coming months.
  • We appreciate your comments and encourage your dialogue with our Front-line Educators who are key in your children’s daily development and enjoyment. In addition, our Program Managers and Alternate Managers are also available to you if your concerns cannot be addressed with our educators. And once our new Director of Centre Operations joins our family of caregivers, that person too will be available for dialogue beyond your centre team. And as always, as CEO, I am always available to work with our teams and families to make your children’s time with Kids@ Churchill Park the best we can possibly make it.

In Closing – At Churchill Park, we’re so proud to have an incredible team dedicated to providing environments for growing where children feel safe and cherished, and which provides your little ones with the highest quality educational tools for life. Our surroundings are warm and caring, our educators are loving and kind, and we provide experiences that build confidence, nurture curiosity and ensure your children are equipped to live their best life!

Sincerely and with much appreciation always