At Churchill Park Family Care Society, we believe children are naturally curious and want to learn. Our role is to provide a quality learning environment that encourages exploration and independence, and provides opportunities for children to practice the myriad of emerging skills that are acquired in the early years.

Program planning for our Calgary child care centres is based on the most current research surrounding Early Childhood and Brain Development. We offer rich educational programs and emergent curriculum that build on the imagination and potential of each child.

At Churchill Park's Calgary child care centres, we recognize that each child is an individual who will develop at his or her own rate. We plan activities that are open-ended and allow children to participate at their level, yet still be challenged and encouraged to engage in new experiences in a safe environment.

Churchill Park accommodates children with special needs in all its Calgary child care programs.

All of Churchill Park's eligible sites are accredited by The Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services, recognizing excellence in child care above licensing requirements.

Children Need to Play